Zoo Paper

On my visit to the Zoo their were many interesting animals that grabbed my attention. Thefirst animal was the Black Necked Swan which is also known by its scientific name Cygnus Melan Coryphus. This bird appeared to be very comfortable in its new environment at the Zoo. Their were two of these magnificent birds for me to observe. Both of them had snow white bottoms, with dark black necks and a red orange colored bill. The male swan is known as a cob and the female a pen, the males are usually a bit larger than the females. The areas of origin are in open lakes and marsh lands in the Southern parts of South America, including Chile, Argentina, and Falkland Islands. The black necked swan feeds on Aquatic plants in the zoo, and as wild swan they typically feed on vegetation, insects, and fish spawn. The black necked swan is not in any danger of being extinct. The swans seem to some how stay close to each other and their behavior was calm. I find the black neck on the swan to be very interesting, I had never known of a black necked swan until my recent visit to the zoo. The swan's neck was very long it seems at times to wrap around the bottom of its body, as it dives its head into the pond.
I think that the black necked swan is a must see bird. The gracefulness and common behavior makes it one of my top birds to purchase and put into a private pond. The multi color of this bird gives it a very complex, but different style that sets it in a class of its own. According to research these birds rarely are on land they are known to say in water, maybe this is some sort of instinct, which allows them to stay out of harms way. What ever the case, I hope these birds survive a long time so that others can view them as I did.
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