Zebra Mussels and the Great Lakes

Water quality in the Great Lakes is something that is a vital issue in the Great Lakes Region.The quality of the largest chain of freshwater lakes is important to the nation and even the world.Water quality is anything that affects the benefits humans derives from water.It can include drinking water, food, recreation, and any other use of water that is possible.Zebra mussels pose a great threat to the water quality of the Great Lakes.Recreational fishing and boating are affected by the presence of zebra mussel. The ecosystem and industry relying on the Great Lakes are also affected by this invasion.This paper will discuss how the zebra mussel made it to the Great Lakes, the harm they cause, and possible solutions.
How the Zebra Mussel Made it to the Great Lakes
The zebra mussel wasfirst found in the waters of the Great Lakes in 1988.Ships traveling up the Erie Canal transported the zebra mussel from European waters into the Great Lakes. . The zebra mussel quickly spread from Lake Erie to the other Great Lakes.The invading species began to attach itself to almost every solid thing in the Great Lakes.
Zebra mussel clog pipes that take water in. These pipes take in water for drinking or for industrial purposes.Since the zebra mussel wasfirst found in the Great Lakes it is estimated that over 2 billion dollars have been spent in unclogging these pipes. Invasive species like the zebra mussel place stress on already delicate ecosystems.They compete with native species for food and habitat.For example, zebra mussels eat many of the microorganisms that make up the base of the food chain.
This increases competition between native species and in turn reduces the population of those species.This hurts the balance of the Great Lakes.It also hurts the fishing industry and recreational fishing.It raises fish prices and decreases the amou

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