Zebra Mussel Destruction

Zebra Mussels (Dreissena polymorpha): Pallas
First Originated in the Balkans, Poland, and former Soviet Union, the Zebra Mussel has, over time, transferred itself through most of Europe towards the United States of America. In 1988, thefirst Zebra Mussel was found near Lake Erie, and has now traveled to most of the great lakes and down the Mississippi, spreading as far as the Western border of New Jersey and Eastern borders of New York.
Zebra Mussels are rapidly dispersing throughout the United States because of the comfortable temperature (they can survive only between the temperatures of 7 and 32 degrees Celsius), the large amount of food (algae, etc.), and easy flowing current, which allows immature Zebra Mussels to cling to smooth surfaces further downstream quickly and easily.
Zebra Mussels are a hazard to fresh water life and water plants for a number of reasons. Because Zebra Mussels may reproduce so quickly and in such large quantities (the female generally breeds 30,000 Zebra Mussels at one time), the immature larva adheres to walls of pipes, and each other. Therefore, Zebra Mussels both block and reduce the amount of water that may pass through certain pipes, whether they are for nuclear power plants or water filtering facilities. Large groups of Zebra Mussel colonies also affect the walleye and lake trout's reproduction, infesting certain places where such fish reproduce.
As a potential hazard to the United States water system, the Zebra Mussel issue has been addressed by the government numerous times, and plans for ridding the country of such a nuisance have been established, and some, even initiated. I have researched the tactics and ideas of both Europe and the United States, and have come to realize that the Zebra Mussels may be fought off.
Internal and closed pipe/channel solutions
Power plant pipes may generally be evacuated of water. For this reason, flushing down large amounts of above 40 deg…

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