Young Goodman Brown

Our faith in men is nothing more than an illusion, which we create only in order to feel security in our lives. We dismiss the hypocrisy that we know exists in others, because if we don't, we have to instead accept the fact that the people and things we look to for strength, and strive to be like, all contain flaws and are usually no more innocent than we are. At least, this is the view that Nathaniel Hawthorn reveals through his narrative called "Young Goodman Brown", a story thick with allegory and obvious symbolism.
In thefirst paragraphs of the story we find young Goodman Brown leaving his "aptly named" wife Faith, on an Evil errand into the wickedness of the forest. Faith pleads with him not to go, afraid of herself and what she might do while he his gone. Without him there to help her and reassure her in the midst of the menacing night, his Faith couldn't be trusted to stay strong and dependable. His faith was young and innocent, as Hawthorn implies with many symbols (pretty face; pink ribbons) and has not yet endured the trials that are necessary in building a solid foundation.
While in the forest Young Goodman Brown encounters numerous people and images that change his perceptions. He sees and hears many of the people who he deemed as righteous and virtuous leaders consorting with the devil and the ungodly without hesitation. While he and his dark companion walked together, they come upon his childhood catechism teacher Goody Cloyse. He ducks back, as he is afraid to be seen by her walking through the "evil" forest, but when she is approached by the devil she isn't a bit uncomfortable, instead she accepts his staff, which he offers her to help her to reach an evil meeting.
Seeing this leaves him shocked and disbelieving, but he's not "out of the woods" yet. The next individuals he will cross paths with are to be the leaders of his church. The

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