Year 2000 problems

Nathan Tucker
Public Policy Analysis
Final analysis

Evaluation of the Government's Actions to fix the Year 2000 Bug

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Summary:It was astonishing to find how unprepared the government is for this potentially devastating problem facing the American people.The government has had nearly three years of knowledge about this problem but hasn't even been able to get up to the government standards that they set back in 1996.The government is really lagging behind and could essentially destroy the American economy if they keep up the performance they are currently demonstrating.The government appears to have let the American people down.The government is now starting to realize what a dramatic effect this could have on the entire world including the US.The most powerful country may be brought to its knees because of some little flaw in writing codes for computers in the last fifty years.This microscopic line of code could inevitably destroy the entire world's economy and also possibly cause a malfunction of the world's nuclear arsenal.This could cause them to fire at will or even just detonate in their silos.Furthermore it is very critical to observe the governments efforts in trying to bring this enormous problem to be fixed by falsifying Y2K compliance on many of its computers.Included are two graphs and a chart.The chart is the schedule the government was intending to stick to.It is called an immovable deadline and fixed schedule.One of the graphs demonstrates the proposed cost of fixing the Year 2000 bug.It is broken down into estimates of the total cost per year.The final graph is the grades the 24 major agencies received on their preparation for becoming Y2K compliant.With all of this information one can really understand how greatly the government underestimated the entire problem.They underestimated costs, and time it would take to upgrade and implement the prog…

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