Our world is made up of many nations that operate under different types of government.Different Countries, calls for a difference in the way it is operated. Whether it is through traditional influence or practice, they all make our world a wonderful, complete, and yet sometimes conflictive place to live.
Great Britain has been, one of the world powers of today has been in existence for more than thousands of years. Their government structure has basically been a blue print of how many countries are building their government.One of the things that make Great Britain so unique from other countries is that, its government is the oldest operating political system in the world (pg. 44).Some of its institutions have been in continuous existence for nearly a thousand years.Through the history of Great Britain, the taste of victory has been plentiful. On the other hand, Germany's success in war only lasted a couple of decades.
Great Britain's history in war plays a big role in their existence because of its reputation as a world power.Its influence on many countries has lead to many treaties of alliances throughout the centuries.On the other hand, Germany's success reached as far as Europe and Japan.Why is this important? Well, a big part of a country's existence is it's trait in tradition. Traditionally, Great Britain has been a country of power, where the Monarchy reigns supreme while Germany was a country ruled and divided by many rulers.The history of Great Britain has sustained their ability to grow industrially, economically, and politically. Because of its politically stability, Great Britain has be

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