Yahoo! launches desktop search

As per our predictions for 2005, desktop searching is becoming the new “big thing”. Already.

Yahoo! have become the latest company to launch a desktop searching tool for consumers, searching e-mail archives and files on hard disks. It started running trials in December with software licensed from X1 Technologies, and on Tuesday it officially entered the market with its free search tool.

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The software is designed to work as a toolbar on Microsoft’s popular e-mail clients Outlook and Outlook Express, or function as a stand-alone desktop search tool. The application makes roughly 200 file types searchable, including photos, music and PDF documents.

But Yahoo! promises more features to come. “The beta lets us explore the abundance of opportunities to linking up users’ personal data as it exists on Yahoo! to their desktop search experience,” said Bradley Horowitz (director of media and desktop search). “It will expand in short order.”

The major players in online web searching feel they have to contribute to the desktop searching world to avoid the risk of losing users. Soon hundreds of search technology companies will be fighting for your desktop, and expect them to take advantage of the massive personalised advertising revenue they can gain through collecting user statistics.

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