Often people feel threatened by things they cant place a label on. I believe it's
just human nature to view something, and then try to associate or place a label on it.
This is very evident in the story of X. This is definitely, a story written to influence the
readers behavior. The bold X in the author's writing is a deliberate attempt to confuse the reader. The X is in contrast to the rest of the article. Although the story of X contains a message of "acceptance", it also contains connotations that, it's not ok to be part of the norm.
The beginning of the story opens with the scientist, a permanent group, trying to find the "right" parents to raise baby X. To qualify as the parents, they would have to basically disregard all the norms and roles that is attributed to families, primary group, of today. When a newborn is brought home in society, it's customary for the husband to pass out blue cigars for a boy and pink for a girl. (a type of symbol to communicate gender) In the case of X, when they arrived at home, the friends and relatives, primary formal and informal groups, didn't know how to react when the Joneses told them X wasn't a boy or a girl, but an X! The friends and relatives were displaying an authoritarian personality. They couldn't say "look at her cute little dimples" or "look at his husky little biceps", stereotypes. At the same time, the Joneses were displaying a Machiavellian personality, by not telling them what baby X was. They were trying to manipulate the family and friends behavior. The scientist also displayed a Machiavellian personality. By doing this, there is a definite role conflict for the parents. Family and friends were put off and confused by their inability to label X, a boy or girl.
As X was growing up, the parents had to go against the norms. When raising X, they bounced it and hugged it allot. They came into role co…

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