An X-ray is an invisible electromagnetic radiation, with wave lengths that are shorter
than the light that is visible to the eye.
X-rays were discovered in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a Germanphysicist.
He discovered the X-ray while he was studying cathode rays in a high voltage, gaseous-discharge tube.He noticed when the tube was in operation it made a screenemit
fluorescent light.The fluorescent light was caused by invisible radiation from ultra- violet rays.
X-rays are mainly used in the scientific field for, research, industry, and medicine.
This is when the X-ray can be diffracted by passing through a crystal or by a reflection from a crystal, which has lattices of atomsthat are used as a diffraction grating.
The X-rays in the airports scan the luggage and check for metal or foreign objects. The X-ray takes a picture and shows what is inside. This helps so people cannot bring guns knifes and other harmful objects into the plane.
An X-ray picture is called a radiograph, Fluoroscopy are used extensively in medicine as diagnostic tools. X-rays are used to treat certain diseases in radiotherapy.Such as, cancer which in that process they expose the tumors to X radiation.
Doctors could also see inside the body through the soft tissue.They could see things such as bones and dysfunctional parts of tissue in the body.

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