Effects of Babies in a Young Marriage: A Young Father’s Perspective
When a man and his wifefirst enter the state of matrimony, it is a time of trial and tribulation. A man learns of his compatibility with his mate and how things change. Having a baby during this time is a rewarding but oftentimes difficult thing to bear.
The stresses of having a baby are multiplied when a marriage is still young and getting off the ground. Nerves become frayed cords when the late night and early morning feedings interfere with performance at work. School is also a problem when study time must be scheduled and rescheduled around bottles, diapers and the like. The stress of a baby’s health alone is enough to drive a man to drink.
Time becomes a valuable commodity when a baby is brought into the world. Both social and personal time between a man and his wife are scarce. Dating and going out gives way to staying home with the baby and watching T.V. As for sex, when the baby goes to bed and the house is quiet, a body is usually too tired to even care. No longer does talk turn toward politics, religion, philosophy and news of the day. Topics now include baby’s health, baby’s food, baby’s antics and baby’s “talking.” A man enjoys this discussion just as much as anyone else but also requires adult, intellectual stimulation. Time with friends no longer means going out for billiards and cold beer. Now friends come over but time is at a minimum due to the fact of bedtime for baby and exhaustion of the parents. The weekly “boys night out” now becomes the monthly “boys night out but only if he is not too tired, the baby is not sick and the wife says it is alright”.
The largest problem facing young couples with babies is usually money. Monthly necessities add up when diapers cost fifty dollars a month, formula is one hundred and twenty-five dollars a month, baby food is forty dollars a month and miscellaneous items such as baby wipes, medicine, clothing a…

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