Everyone's ultimate goal is survival.Nobody wants to surrender their life before they naturally should. Hobbes says that being thrown out of society will cause an early death.Outside of society there is a "condition of war wherein every man to every man is an enemy" and in this state, no man can ever hope to defend himself without some help. (Hobbes, p. 91)But in the state of nature he will find none, because "he which declareth he thinks it is reason to deceive those that help him, can in reason expect no other means of safety than what can be had from his own single power." (Hobbes, p. 91)Everyone outside of society has proved that they cannot be trusted.This will result in the competitive, dishonest, self-serving state that people wanted to be free from.Life will be short and harsh.Although the fool thinks that they will better off killing somebody who they really dislike, it will only lead to his untimely demise.

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