world population

In today’s ever changing world society, population seems to be a big problem sneaking
upon us and therefor leads into the question, should world population be controlled?This
question can really only be answered in one of two ways.It can either be answered with a yes or
no because when you are talking about a major issue as this there is no in-between.If the answer
were no it could have something to do with controlling population also means human rights are
being violated.However if the answer was yes, a different point of view may be looked at.The
position of all society, that if nothing is done this will result in a increase in pollution, and
poverty also a decline in resources will result with an increase in population.
Theoretically world population has to be controlled at some point in time however by
controlling the population that will violate human rights and also wouldn’t be good for
developing countries.People should have a say in how they intend to live there life before a
government steps in and puts limits on their ambitions before they get started.Some families
(e.g.. farmers) need to have more children than others (e.g.. city dwellers) just to make a decent
living for himself and family, where a city person doesn’t need the amount of children to become
successful.Also some cultures in developing countries need to have more than a couple children
because health care isn’t as good as the health care in developed countries resulting in half or
three quarters of their children dying due to some type of illness before they become an adult,
resulting in a type or controlled population.Another reason why there shouldn’t be a controlled
population is that some developing countries have way more resources that they know what to do
with and therefore need more people to harvest the resources to reach a optimum populat

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