Work is Life

'Work is Life', by Ilene Philipson, Ph.D., is an article that takes a look at people who identify their entire self and self worth with their work.Corporate America is an ever growing, high demand work place that promotes competiveness while providing a sense of purpose.The people in which Dr. Philipson is discussing have only one purpose in life, their job.When these people lose their jobs, it is an absolute tragedy.This is not because of financial reasons; they feel that their whole life is over because they have so closely identified themselves with work.In some cases,'supervisors become parental figures to dote on and please, co-workers become one's community, and the corporation feeds our unmet longings' (Philipson).Now more than ever big business surrounds their employees with corporate logos and promotes a'family' like environment.For people who do not get these emotional needs elsewhere (like their family) turn to their place of employment for these needs.
Thefirst two people analyzed in this article is a middle aged black woman who suffered through poverty yet managed to obtain a college degree and a decent job.She worked as a bookkeeper at biotechnology firm.She was very satisfied with her job and her current socioeconomic status.The company decided one day to change the computer system in which they kept the records on.This woman, referred to as'Patti' could not seem to grasp the concept of the new system.This of course led to her supervisor getting angry with her and eventually led to him lashing out at her verbally.Later that night she had to go to the hospital because of a mental breakdown.This led to her taking leave from work for disabilities and is how she arrived at Dr. Philipson's office.Patti felt that she had lost everything even with the support of her family.She felt she had'no reason to get up in the morning&apos…

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