Women's Satisfaction: The Rela

If Freud had been a woman, he would have realized how pathetic and unreliable his statements were about female sexuality.Women everywhere are thankful for the research Masters, Johnson, and Kinsey did to refute those statements.One woman declared, "I bet they thought it was about time!" It is mainly because of this newer data, which will be explored later in the paper, that a women's sexual revolution was incited.Feminists especially celebrated the breaking of the historical link between both vaginal orgasm and passivity with femininity.In this paper, the relationship of feminism and sex will be explored in the context of the last one hundred years, including both the sexual research done in this time period, and women's thoughts and behaviors as a result of these studies.
The research or statements made, as in the case of Freud, regarding female sexuality were varied both psychologically and physiologically.Sigmund Freud, probably the most well known early 20th century psychoanalyst, "set the terms" for the understanding of women and their sexuality.In 1905 he stated that the clitoris and vagina were in opposition to each other, and "that the adolescent girl transferred her leading genital zone from the clitoris to the vagina. She, who had previously (if unconsciously) enjoyed the clitoris as the center of her fledgling libidinous pleasures, no longer did so"when a feminine, passive adulthood was reached.The clitoris was for a short time, the "ruler" of female sexuality, but the laws of femininity dictated that its reign would be short. As seen above, Freud only stated, not physically researched his theories; indeed, he based them around the psychological analyses of a very small group of upper and middle class women that lived in Vienna.One opinion is that "Freud wasn't truly researching, because there was no real demographic covered;"certainl…

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