Women's Reproductive Rights: Women's Worst Nightmare, Americ

If women represent half of the world's population, why does it sometimes seem like their voices are never heard?Within the last half of 20th century, women have finally spoken up and have begun to take significant steps in standing up for their rights as equals.For example, in 1973, the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade legally acknowledged women's constitutional rights to have an abortion.However, it appears as though women's words will ever be enough.Even with that landmark ruling decision thirty-three years ago, the struggles of pro-choice supporters still continue.
In recent years, the hot issue that women are fighting for is having the right to receive their emergency contraceptives (EC), which are also known as the morning-after pills, from a pharmacy.Such a task seems quite mundane because it only involves picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy but it has become a harrowing ordeal for most women.Some of these pharmacists have refused to fill the EC due to their own religious beliefs and moral values.They believe that by filling the EC prescriptions, which are made to prevent the formation of a fetus, they are enabling abortion for these patients.Furthermore, their refusals are being condoned by the general public, if not formally by the federal law.Steve Aden, a member of Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Religious Freedom states in defense of the pharmacists that, "[basically] more and more pharmacists are becoming aware of their right to conscientiously refuse to objectionable medication of the counter" (Stein).
There have been numerous amounts of cases that have been reported in recent years where prescriptions have been denied due to the pharmacist's scruples.For example, in Texas, a rape victim was once more stripped of her choice when she was refused …

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