Women serving in the military

In the movie G.I.Jane Lt. Jordan O'Neil was thefirst woman to train in the Navy SEALS.From the time she arrived at the base she was treated unjustly.Lt. O'Neil entered the SEALS for the same reasons men did and quickly found she was unwanted in a primarily male dominated scene.As G.I.Jane website states, "Indeed, military and high- ranking government officials- -including her sponsor, Senator Lillian DeHaven, – – are counting on her to fail" ( has been much controversy today and in the past whether or not women should be allowed to serve in the SEALS or any branch of the military.For example, women have had a long and proud history serving in the military and have had no objections until recently.Another example is that women are entering the military with higher grades and often more education than their male counterparts.Women also have a'warrior' spirit within them and a'can do' attitude.Furthermore, women jo!
in the military for the same reasons as men do, so why would recruits deny an equal opportunity?Therefore, women should be allowed to serve in the military.
Thefirst reason why women should serve in the military is because they are entering the military with higher grades and often more educated than male recruits."It is true, according to Army data, that female recruits are usually better qualified academically than males, having more work experience, and are almost always better behaved, losing less time for disciplinary reasons and not being inclined as their brethren to abuse drugs and alcohol" (Billingsley 155).Since women are either as smart or smarter than their male counterparts, the same opportunities are given.Women who are in the military are given chances to work as nurses, translators, recruiters, pilots, fighters, and sailors.These positions require much work, experience, tal…

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