Women on the front lines

Can women meet the physical requirements as men?In most cases no, they can not. As you have seen day in and day out the standards for hiring women are being lowered. Women are considered a minority in today's world along with every ethnic group there is now present in our society.But lowering the standards for women also bring in individuals who are not capable to do the job or even have the right classifications to ensure the safety of the coworkers as well as the public.There should not be a standard for one classification such as men and different one for others.If the job can be done to the standards it was originally set for, there should be no deflections from those standards.
We have seen in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korean, Gulf wars which no or a minimal amount of women serve on the front lines. Most women were not brought up to be in combat, things may be changing to accommodate some women butwe are close to providing this type of employment for women and mothers who have children at home as well as major responsibilities to who they are accountable for.There shouldn't be any questions when our men or woman are providing the service which is the outmost one can give!!!!
Most women feel that since only men are serving in the military it is a discrimination against women.As you know already the lawsuits which have been present in courts now and in past years have made women a more powerful influence in our society.Therefore providing them with a tool which gives the women of today an equal ability to do as men do in there everyday life; this in turn gives them the right to
serve in the military.As for military service physical standards, which give women more of a chance to serve the military, they shouldn't lower their requirements for women so they can pass just for them to feel

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