Women in Military

Women in the Military: Combat Roles When I think about women in combat, I think about the days of the Revolutionary War, women helping their husbands to load cannons or I think about the army nurses who played vital roles overseas during the Vietnam conflict. I also think about women Helicopter pilots providing air support to our soldiers and sailors during Operation Desert Storm. Twenty years ago when I enlisted into the Army I never even considered that I would be expected to serve in an actual combat role nor did I join the army to be able to experience any combat situation other than training. Thesis However, today there are several advocates of the Equal Rights Amendment who believe that women in the military should be allowed to serve this country in combat roles. Although I have heard numerous debates on television and read about them in newspaper articles, I have yet to hear an enlisted women verbalize her desire to serve as an "Infantrywomen" or an Armored Tank Crewmember". It seems to me that the only people Gamboni-Short 2 fighting for more combat roles for women in the military are women who are not in the military. Women do not belong in the combat zones during military conflicts. It disrupts the overall moral and personal readiness of the unit. To prove this I will offer statistics, opinions, and statements from other female soldiers. It is obvious how my male counterparts feel about Women in Combat by the omission of females in combat positions. I have interviewed several women assigned to my unit to see just exactly how women in the military feel about serving in combat roles. Thefirst women I spoke with, SFC Sheryl Skepple, has served on Active Duty in the Army for 16 years, she is married to a civilian and has twin two-year-olds. When asked how she felt about Women in Combat she replied with the following: "Women in the military have been deployed to numerous operations throughout the world. They…

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