women in combat: what’s best f

Women in Combat: What’s Best for the Country?
The value of our country;s people that a woman;s role as peacekeeper and our countries deep value of men protecting woman and children still remains today. Women are the support of the household and are supposed to keep the family together. However, what happens when the women, our mothers, sisters, and daughters, get shipped off the fight in our nation;s wars? What happens when the mothers of our country become war casualties? It disrupts the values that our society was raised on. I believe that women belong out of the combat zones because it reverses our instilled value of a woman being the foundation of the family.
There are many who believe women should be allowed to serve their country in any capacity that men do. They argue that the physical differences can be over come with additional training in order to meet the minimum standards for entrance into certain specialty areas. However, they forget that these are entrance exams for people walking in off the street. If a man were to get some additional physical training as well, he would improve his physical strength, thus raising the bar even higher for his female counterpart. The truth is that even though there are some women who possess the physical strength of men, most women simply don;t meet that standard and have no desire to reach or maintain that level of fitness. The majority of women not only recognizes, but also embraces the differences between men and women.
Women can’t be competitive without the same opportunities as the men they compete with for promotion, which brings up the issue of lack of equal treatment. Even if women are able to pass the fitness entrance test deemed necessary for combat, there still remain issues of the cost and inconvenience of separate living quarters, sexual harassment, rape, and pregnancy.
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