The reintroduction a species into a new territory is always controversial.The restoration of wolves into Yellowstone Park and Idaho is no exception.Although the wildlife conservationists fought to save wolves, n the other hand ranchers revolted wolves, killing them every chance they got.
The restoration of wolves in Yellowstone Park actually began in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies of in central Alberta.The team consisted of three scientists in a helicopter, the pilot, one biologist serving as spotter, and a second biologist who darted the wolves with a tranquilizer gun.The darter had to wear a jumpsuit and a nylon harness around the waist to support him when he leaned out of the helicopter to get the best shot possible.As the pilot maneuvered through the trees the spotter would spot the wolves then they would try to run the wolves down a path to a clear-cut were the darter could get a shot within fifty feet.The tranquilized wolves were then loaded them into the helicopter.The wolves were taken to Switzer Provincial Park, near Hinton Alberta, and veterinarians there would closely inspect the wolves for injuries and treat the dart wounds.Biologists examined them closely to determine their age, sex, size, and reproductive ability.When the wolves woke up they are tranquilized again, placed in small travel kennels, and loaded into a USDA Forest Service transport plane headed for the United States, and there released nearly eight hundred miles south in Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho.
In the 1870s people didn't understand biology and the notion that all living things have value.During these times beaver pelts, elk, and wolf hides were worth a great deal to the fur trading companies.In 1885 "wolfing" was actually carried on as a full time occupation.Every three to four miles the wolfers would kill a buffalo and insert strychnine into the entrails, tongue and flank of the animal.T…

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