Witchcraft in Cameroon

When we think of witchcraft the general picture comes to mind, the one of an ugly witch dancing around around a cauldron in die middle of the forest naked.But this is not the picture we must imagine today, the view we all shared on the concept of witches has changed dramatically in the last century or so.
Now the political, Social and economic implications must be taken in to account when we deal or even think of witchcraft.In this essay I will look at the statement made by Geschiere and Nielaus and their findings respectively concerning the debate about witchcraft in Cameroon and in South Africa.
The essay will also look at the question why modernization has not caused witchcraft to disappear, and I will also look at what modern states can do to deal with the persistence and modernization of witchcraft beliefs.
In the final part of the essay a look will be taken to the question, is witchcraft a peculiar African belief.
The political view witchcraft has taken on, is a very interesting one. In the article written by Geschiere he describes the situation in Cameroon as one almost dominated by the influence of witchcraft in the politics.We must also understand that this form of witchcraft is not the normal'magical deeds' we see on television or in children's cartoons, but more one of influence and threats.With the Cameroon becoming a colony of France, many of the people in Cameroon became afraid of the impact the west was going to have on their culture. The introduction of cocoa and banana farming into Cameroon, the flames of jealousy raised the power of the witches, and the power of witchcraft in Cameroon.
At the beginning of 1993 the head of state chose for the national team a marabout to make the team win, but the team did not get along with him. This shows how the concept of witchcraft has worked it's way all the way up to the politics of the country. Politicians now seeked the power of the nga…

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