wingate bycycle test

The purpose of this lab activity was to measure anaerobic power per unit of time.This has to do with the muscular strength of the body and the rate the body utilizes ATP and the anaerobic glycolysis system.The Wingate test is performed by a warm up period of two to three minutes followed by a resting period of one to two minutes.Continuing the test after the resting period the performer peddles as fast as he/she can for five seconds. Then the resistance (calculated by performer’s weight divided by 2.205 equaling performers Kilogram Weight multiplied by.075) is added and the peddling remains for 30 second at full speed while the data is taken.The data is taken by additional subjects counting the number of pedal rotations throughout the 30 seconds.This is how the power output is measured for the quadriceps muscles.The main point for the test is that the subject must remain at maximal speed for the entire 30 seconds.
This test is useful for any type of athlete who is trying to improve muscle strength to maintain or gain speed and power.As one looks at the percentile charts of norms, he/she can evaluate his or herself among other athletes.This chart is useful because it is a starting point for training and improving the strength needed to endure and gain muscle strength.
As compared with the percentile of norms the data calculated for me the performer, peak 5-second was 1023.55 which is average for a conditioned athlete.For Anaerobic capacity my percentage of 800.42001, which is exceptional by comparison to the percentile of norms, equals the power output of the muscle over the 30-seconds.Finally, the fatigue index which reflects the muscles ability to resist fatigue, which my percentage equaled 53.33, was at a low resistance to muscle fatigue.
In conclusion to the results of the Wingate anaerobic test, I found out that this test is not exactly the preferred test of

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