Will There Be an End of the World

Will there ever be an end of the world? I don't really know if there would be one for sure. I think that there will be an end of the world or the end of the all live creatures on this planet. Just because people are dumb and all they want to do is go to war.
I feel that the end of the world will happen because of us. Not no meteor that is going to hit the world and blow up. Just because people are always trying to make something that is so good at killing things like the nuke. Once some stupid jerk get a hold of one of those they could kill anyone they want. In like 53 to 109 years or so they will be testing for a bomb that could wipe out as many people they want. Or some type of gas that could wipe out the people they want. The end of the world cold happen when some stupid war goes on. We will start to send nuke's all over the world and someone is going to hit some other county and so on and everyone will be against each other. The world will be wiped out. If a meteor was coming in the path of the world I sure that we could some how stop it from coming. But if we didn't well I guess that would be the end of the world. One more way the world could end if that the sun could burn out and the world would freeze over and all the people would die and for the people that live well they would run out of food.
That is some way that the end of the world could happen. Ether happen when we go to war or if the sun just burned out one day. But if anything I think its going to because of the people on the planet not the sun or the meteor crap.

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