Will the status of Roma people impruve as the EU enlarge

Will the Status of the Roma people improve as the EU enlarges?
When I die, you should bury me standing,
Because I have been on my knees all my life."
Who are the gypsies? Are they a tribe? Or maybe a sect? Where do they live? Where do all the myths about them originate? Why are there so many pejorative characteristics attributed to them?
The aim of this paper is to foresee if the status of the Roma people will change and how it will change. In order to make such a prediction, I will approach the issues of the Roma from different angles such as historical background, treatment in the communist times, their situation in Europe today, and I will explain issues that are specific for them as a people.
The condition of the Roma in Central and Eastern Europe is one of the most challenging issues that surfaced after the transition from communism. It has been said that no other ethnic group has been so excluded from the opportunities that came along with the transition than the Roma. Roma are a distinctive minority in Europe. Unlike other minority groups, they have no historical homeland, and they live in almost all countries of Asia and Europe. There are between 7 and 9 million Gypsies living in Europe, mostly living in Eastern and Central Europe, in the countries that are applying to the European Union.
Clearly, significant results will not occur instantaneously. I believe it will take at least one generation for major changes to occur, that is, if significant efforts will be made. It is a major step forward that the EU requires the applicant countries to improve the situation of their Roma citizens, however it is not enough. Peoples' mentalities are a very important factor, and as the Romanian secretary of state pointed out, it takes both sides, the Romani, and the non-Romani, to change attitudes.
So far, one of the most fascinating things to me is the general attitude of ignoring gypsies. To say that the Gypsy pe…

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