Why the Drinking Age Should be

Imagine yourself, 18 years old. You fall in love and decide to get married. Law allows you to get married at 18, yet at your wedding you have to toast with Apple juice, because you can not get champagne for another year. This is just one of the many reasons I believe the legal drinking age should be lowered from 19 to 18.
The Age of Majority Act says you are legally an adult at 18. At 18 you can own property (if it is inherited), you can get married, and you can be thrown in jail for life. I guess it must be better if you can't drink at 18 and get thrown in prison, because you are not allowed alcohol in there anyway. If a family member passed away and left an 18-year-old their house, they would have full ownership of the house. Sure they'd own it, but they wouldn't be able to have a drink at their house warming. I find it a little hard to accept that the law can entrust someone to help choose the leader of our country, but cannot entrust them to have a sip of wine.
When you were a teenager, did you ever drink illegally? I know I did. Whether you did or not it is proven that the majority of students drink underage. The thing about drinking underage is that it is usually unsupervised. As a parent, would you rather have your son or daughter drinking with the rest of his underage buddies in a park, or would you rather have him drinking in a bar, where he is supervised by a bartender who can cut him off at any point in time? If the drinking age was lowered, at 18 you could get into a bar. At a bar responsible drinking can be taught through role modeling. Ask yourself which would you rather do: get drunk and make a fool out yourself in front of your friends, or get drunk and make a fool out of yourself in front of total strangers? Therefore, let them go to the bars and they will be less likely to over do it.
The irresponsibility associated with underage drinking comes from the way alcohol is portrayed. It's por…

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