Why Gun Control is Wrong

Once upon a time Americans had what they believed to be a solution to crime it was called gun control. Gun control was a relatively simple concept; if you reduce the amount of guns out on the streets then you reduce the amount of gun related crime. After a few months, however, something astonishing happened people started losing their minds crime actually increased once gun control took effect. The golden goose solution for diminishing crime was backfiring. How could this happen? An even more pressing question to consider is how such unconstitutional legislation could even be passed? Perhaps the most pressing issue today is gun control which is wrong because it impedes on an American’s second amendment right and increases crime.
First off, this great nation of ours had the courtesy to bless us with certain unalienable rights one of them being my best friend the second amendment. For those of you not familiar with the second amendment it reads ;A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed;.Our founding fathers felt such conviction in the fact that their citizens should be allowed to protect themselves that they had it precede the vital rights of speech, religion, press, and assembly.
In the book The Omnivore;s Dilemma author Pollan states ;Walking with a loaded rifle in an unfamiliar forest bristling with the signs of your prey is thrilling. It embarrasses me to write that, but it is true,; (p.336) which simply illustrates the majesty of hunting and marksmanship. Clearly guns have considerable importance not only as a representation of protection but as sport. Pollan later goes on to speak of how if people went out of their way to hunt and gather food that it would free consumers of the burdens involved in finding food clear of steroids, pesticides, or other substances because they would know its purity(Po…

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