Why Compare Political Systems

Comparative politics can be defined as examining political realities in countries all over the world.It looks at the many ways governments operate and the ways people behave in political life. To say that comparing political systems is a waste of time and that we cannot learn anything from this process is a false statement.There are many things that can be learned by studying and comparing political systems, such as how governments are structured and how they function, the process through which governments interact with their populations in pursing community goals, how political leaders and the population behave in politics, and how political leaders and the public think about and feel about politics and how their feelings affect their behavior.1By studying and comparing these different aspects of different political systems, we are able to learn more about the system in which we live, we can also determine which systems are successful and which systems are not.
Throughout time there has always been diversity in political systems across the world.1Different political systems and governments are two of the many things that make this world a very interesting place to live.In order to better understand how the system in which you live works, youfirst have to understand were that particular system comes from and how it came about.For example,there is know way to fully understand the political system of the United States withoutfirst knowing were thefirst settlers came from, their reason for coming, and what they did when they came.If people would take time to understand and compare different political systems to their own, the issue of foreign policy, and one group understanding and respecting another would not be as big of an issue as it is today.
In order to fully understand democracy you have to do more than just concentrate of the American version of democracy.Democracie

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