why CEOs fail

After reading this article, I think I’ve learned a lot about successful CEOs and especially unsuccessful CEOs. This article drives home that what a competent CEO should do and what are the common problems that CEOs have to face to lead the company and business.
Firstly, a CEO must be a smart and capable man; he/she must know what the whole business is and how to deal with it.He/She should be sober about the situation that the company or corporation is facing, and he should be aware and alarm of his business alliance and competitors.
Most CEOs can do the things above pretty well, according to the article, and what caused the incompetence is not really business affairs but affairs with execution and staffing.
One common mistake about unsuccessful CEOs is that “they are being indecisive, and are not “delivering on commitments”.The situation is always complex. Sometimes, it’s because the subordinates are thought to be so talented that the CEO persuades himself that it is impossible for them to make mistakes; and sometimes, it’s because the subordinates have wide and complex relations with press or economics field so the CEO didn’t want to fire them and affect the company’s social image; in other case, the CEO didn’t want to fire the subordinates until the last minute because they are good friends and have good private relationships, “He is my guy”, as one CEO said.These are all reasons that fail a CEO. From these facts, we can conclude that a successful CEO must be good and competent both in business and execution.
Of course, not all the unsuccessful CEOs fail in execution. There are a lot of things that a good CEO should care about. He/She has to be a good and foresighted decision-maker.He/She has to plan for the business for a long time goal, and also a short time objective.He/She has to make the business strategy. Developing exactly the right strategy will enable a company to win during the comp

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