why canada should legalize pot

Canadian society has always been raised on the fact that marijuana is evil. It is an outlawed drug only for dropouts, criminals and life failures, with no economic value or reasons for its existence. Recently in Canada, the issue of legalizing this so called "gateway drug" is being seriously taken into consideration and debated upon by the countries leaders. Canadians began to change their perspective of this plant as they become more informed of its benefits to society. Over the last decade many conservative citizens would never waste their time fighting for the legalization of marijuana but now it is as if Canadians believe this drug is no longer a threat but more a boost to society, and the consequences relating to marijuana are too harsh. Marijuana is an illegal substance and however it could benefit Canadian society if it was legalized.
When Canada entered confederation in 1867 marijuana was a legal substance. It was not until the 1923 Opium and Drug act was signed that Canada was a marijuana free country. Throughout the next seventy-seven years this plant was being illegally smoked by many citizens while scientists underwent the studies of its positive characteristics. They discovered that the main chemical in the cannabis plant was THC. THC acts as a medication or treatment for many illnesses. In 2000 Canadians argued the Federal Court over the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes and won. It was legalized for medicinal purposes based on the fact that it violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [section 7]. On July 31st, 2002 Canada became thefirst country to legalize marijuana for medicinal uses. This law was recently changed on October 7th, 2003 when the Ontario Court Appeal (OCA) abused the system and let almost any citizen claim they were in need of marijuana for medicinal purposes without thorough inspection. To solve the problem a new product was created in a Winnipeg lab called "…

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