Why are Homosexuals not yet fully accepted into society

Why are Homosexuals not yet fully accepted into society?
Is homosexuality a choice or a birth condition? Is it physical or physiological? Are homosexuals destined for hell? Should they be allowed to have children? Are they normal? Is it O.K. to be homosexual? Are homosexuals accepted in today's society? These questions are just a few of the wonders that arise in the minds of all when the thought of homosexuality submerges. The crude truth is homosexuals are not yet fully accepted in today's society. Sexually transmitted diseases, the convictions of religion, and the many morays and forays of society, which include the idea of the nuclear family, are several of the reasons why homosexuality is so unaccepted in today's society.
Why, one might ask, is there so much discrimination? Why do people make such a distinction bases on sexual preference? One of the reasons may be because thefirst case of AIDS was discovered in a homosexual male and, therefore,first spread among homosexual males. This brought upon homosexuals a stigma that would never fade. A connotation was forever coined between gays and diseases, homosexuals and AIDS. Why, even though there are millions of heterosexuals with AIDS, does the disease continue to give homosexuals a bad name?
Society's expresses of disapproval for homosexuals is seen in endless rallies against homosexuals. Most of these rallies are religious because of the debate based on the fact that God created Adam and Eve, not well…Adam and Steve. This is a belief engrained in the Christian religion, but the truth is that there is more than one religion. Not to mention, there are now many homosexual ministers in several Christian churches.
Yet another reason for the disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle is the stance against homosexual households. Are homosexuals adequate parents? This is a debate because society feels that if a child is exposed to homosexual beh…

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