Whither Mankind

In “Whither Mankind” Ayala make a distinction between negative and positive eugenics. He states that negative eugenics is a reasonable idea and agreeable by most individuals.On the other hand positive eugenics is a morally inconceivable idea with severe consequences. He describes how many of the procedures of positive eugenics are not biologically possible. One type of positive eugenics is germinal selection. In future paragraphs I will clarify why germinal selection is a form of positive eugenics, and the negative aspects of performing it.Finally I will discuss why Ayala at this point in time deems it is impossible to practice germinal selection.
Eugenics is a deliberate attempt to improve the genetics of the human race.Implemented by humans, eugenics is an artificial manner of selection performed intentionally on their own species. There are two very different types of eugenics described by Ayala positive and negative eugenics.Positive eugenics is the increase of individuals or genotypes of individuals with "desirable" genetic makeup.While negative eugenics is merely trying to prevent the distribution of undesirable genes.Negative eugenics consists of methods such as genetic counseling and genetic surgery. Positive eugenics includes germinal selection and cloning.
Dr. Ayala brings up many questions and concerns regarding civil rights when discussing positive eugenics.In our democratic world who will make decisions on what is best for the society? What characteristics are ideal?Ayala believes there is no such thing as a perfect genotype. In society today it is unrealistic to think a "perfect" genotype could be chosen with out violating civil rights.
He says hypothetically if a decision could be made and these individuals chosen there are many reasons to doubt a positive outcome. One principal idea is the combination of parents.When combining gametes, one f

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