Whitewater Vs. Watergate

In the history of the United States, many presidents have been struck down because of their inability to avoid career-crippling scandals.In this research paper, I will discuss two former presidents whose terms were riddled with scandal, Clinton with whitewater, and Nixon with Watergate.First, I will give a brief overview of the two scandals. Then, I will compare and contrast many of the main points of interest.In the beginning, both of the scandals seemed to be rather low key.As the scandals were aggressively researched and more evidence was uncovered, political intrigue and criminal investigations reigned.When Nixon's scandal was uncovered, it was proven the president was involved in political sabotage, theft, blackballing, wiretapping and smear campaigns.In Clinton's scandal, it was discovered that the president was involved in much more than just an illegal loan. President Clinton abused his presidential power, which was extremely detrimental to the integrity of the nation.
Watergate and Whitewater were similar in that both circled around a central criminal event, and both sparked vast political intrigue.In the Watergate scandal the Senate reported an unprecedented abuse of the power that comes with Commander In Chief.It began with the unsuccessful burglary in the Watergate office building by people linked to the re-election committee of President Nixon (Olson 26).However, the Senate Watergate Committee uncovered a lot more than just a burglary.The Senate hearings showed that Watergate was composed of constant criminality by the Nixon White House, and was driven by an extreme commitment to maintain control of power by any means, including criminal conduct.Daniel Elsberg, the possessor of the infamous "Pentagon Papers" had given the papers to his psychiatrist for safe keeping.In a futile and desperate measure, Nixon ordered the breaking in of the psychiatrist's office in hopes of re…

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