White Collar Crime

In our society in America crimes can be separated into two distinct categories, white collar and blue collar crimes. White collar crimes consist of non-violent offenses that perpetuate cheating dishonesty, and corruption. On the other hand, Blue collar crime consists of refers to the visibly apparent form of crime that takes shape in the form of primarily violent offenses sometimes referred to as “street crimes. The treatment of white collar crimes verses blue collar crimes is unethical and there exists a disparity by the nature of the crimes and the social status of the criminal.
White collar crime in our society often goes unnoticed in our society due to an apathetic nature toward crimes that do not physically hurt someone. Many people feel that blue collar crime is a larger threat in our society then white collar crime. In regards to white collar crime, "Fraud and abuse costs U.S. organizations more than $400 billion annually" ( This loss is substantially larger then blue collar crime. Many people in this class have committed a white collar crime and probably do not know it; these crimes could range from borrowing computer software that one did not purchase to downloading copyrighted music off of the internet. To many people it is not a crime, but a way around the system.
The nature of white collar crime is generally deemed as a nonviolent and can extend to some of the following areas such as: Bank Fraud, Black Mail, Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Embezzlement, and Tax Evasion ( The manners in which these crimes are committed are usually behind closed doors, with computers or telephones. By using these methods it is not visibly apparent of the damage that these crimes cause. The damage of white collar crimes affect everyone not just the victims.
The victims of white collar crimes extend to everyone through higher retail pric…

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