Which Type of Government Allows Men the Greatest Liberty and

Which Type of Government Allows Men The Greatest
In the history impetus of man, civilization has progressed by the establishment of strong governments that have made the greatest contributions to society and the advancement of industrialism. These governments include Socialism, Communism, and a Constitutional Republic. All of these governments gives us some type of liberty and responsibilities. However, only one allows men the greatest liberty and responsibility.
Socialism is defined as government ownership or the control of all production and distributions. These include farms, factories, mines, transportation, communications, etc. On the Internet website www.conservativeviewsandforum.comthere is a quote that states, “The socialist mind-set for tax and spend, seems to be the sole province of the Democratic Party, with a few Republicans going along that should know better. That and party loyalty, which makes no sense, has truly put the nation on the path of socialism.” “Socialism, by its very nature, creates class distinctions based on economic advantage versus the phony claim of disadvantage. It appeals to natural greed, envy, and jealousy of individuals. The socialist then endeavors to help those people rise up economically through government help, but it does not work. The socialist mind refuses to accept the human factors that make differences in people. So through government programs, which only deal with the material part of life, they take and give to the detriment of all.” What socialist minds refuse to understand is that their ideas and programs are the cause of their problems. The philosophy of Socialism says that one part of the population can support the needs of others, which isn’t realistically possible to do. The programs soon require more funding than can be found without raising taxes to extreme rates. The other alternative is to cut recipients of the program funds. The truth is

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