I feel freedom of speech is a very powerful subject that enables ideas and opinions to be expressed freely. It is essential that all members of this nation, or any nation, be permitted to express any and all concerns liberally. Freedom of speech allows everyone, within reason, to exercise his or her beliefs openly; this must be done in order to keep guidelines and standards from being established by the beliefs of one individual. Without the opinions and judgments of citizens, society may not have come to be the supreme nation that it is today.
One must keep in mind that freedom is not absolute. Possessing absolute freedom of speech would predominantly mean that anyone could say anything he or she desires.Freedom of speech protects people from fear and danger; it does not grant anyone the right to take the liberties of another.
I believe freedom of speech is one of the most dangerous rights, because freedom of expression means the freedom to express one’s discontent. In our society, expression of discontent towards that of another party is not always taken kindly, so this freedom must be used wisely in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.
I feel we yearn for freedom of speech sequentially for the truth to be heard. We want to be able to express our new ideas and opinions predominantly for the improvement of society and without apprehension. Relentless improvement is what continues to make our nation superior.
It has been in effect for over two hundred years and a consistent and coherent theory of what the First Amendment means and how it is to be interpreted is still difficult for to clearly define. The First Amendment;s guaranty of freedom of speech is one of the most revered cornerstones of American society, giving equal opportunity, while protecting the safety and rights of all.

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