What is globalisation…….

What is globalisation and in what way is it pertinent to our understanding of politics within the state

The word'globalisation' perhaps suggests'the shift of political activity away from the local and national and into the global realm.' Hudson extends this definition:

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"Globalisation signifies an increase in the importance, volume, speed and scope of cross-border flows of ideas, money, commodities, and people, challenging the exclusive territorial authority of sovereign states."(Newman,'Boundaries, Territory and Post-modernity.)

From this definition it can be seen that globalisation is a word which cannot be merely defined but must be explained, must be signified. In addition it comprises with it the second part of the question, the idea of its challenge to and effect on the state.
Accounts of conflict and war between the various city-states of Ancient Greece is itself a recognition that the international dimension to politics is as old as the discipline itself. (Heywood,'Politics'). However, during these early years of civilisation, politics, and subsequently power rested mainly in the state. Indeed, according to Aristotle the state is

"The final association, formed of several villages… For all practical purposes the process is now complete; self-sufficiency has been reached…the state continues in being secure in the good life."(Aristotle,'The Politics').

Historical war is the crudest and most obvious example of international political activity. However, the last fifty years has seen the dynamics of global politics progress past the bounds of war and change beyond all recognition. These changes are not only pertinent but utterly intertwined with our understanding of politics within the state and can be viewed into two separate categories.
Firstly there is that of the public sector. The highlights the increase in inter-state diploma…

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