What can we do for Glen Canyon

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English 1010

24 October 2004

What can we do for Glen Canyon?
Former President Nixon stated during the Vietnam War, "Don't ask what your country can do for you.Ask what you can do for your country?"Much controversy has been spurred over recent years over a decision made in 1963, specifically the construction of Glen Canyon Dam.Many agree that Glen Canyon Reservoir (a.k.a. Lake Powell) is an amazing place to visit.Families often flock religiously to Lake Powell each summer to uplift their spirits.However others, particularly speaking of environmentalists, agree that disturbing the once free flow of the Colorado River by constructing a dam was a grave error to begin with.The creative environmentalist writer Edward Abbey propelled a strong debate supporting the draining of Lake Powell with his essay "The Damnation of a Canyon".Following the lines of President Nixon, we should "…ask what you can do for Glen Canyon".
To better understand the reasons for building Glen Canyon Dam, one must be aware of the original intent for its creation.During the mid 20th century dams were invented as a new, cleaner, and efficient way of producing hydroelectricity.With the construction of one of the modern great wonders of the world, Lake Mead's Hoover Dam, other river locations around the nation were being examined for more potential dams.Glen Canyon was decided to be a desirable location for a successful dam to be built following after the Hoover Dam.In 1963, Glen Canyon Dam was completed.
However today, "Lake friendly people" present several points for their decision:
1. First and foremost, Glen Canyon Dam generates clean power.Use of hydroelectricity plays a crucial role in the effort to reduce Green House Gas Emissions.Pollutants emitted from burning of fossil fuels contribute to the increases in global warming.
2. Lake Powell c…

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