Western Lowland Gorilla

Humans share more than 98 percent of our DNA with gorillas. Because of our arboreal heritage, primates share assiduous anatomical characteristics, including depth and color vision, opposable thumbs, and fingertip pads as the primary organs of touch (Kottak, 109).Large and complex brains, tool making, living in social groups, and committing time and care in offspring are other similarities between humans and gorillas.
The population of the western lowland gorilla has declined rapidly over the past decade. Estimates range between 90,000 and 110,000 individuals, with the population spread across the lowland tropical forests of Central Africa, from Nigeria to the Congo River, but this figure is now thought to be grossly exaggerated (Western
The largest of all primates, the western lowland gorilla, is usually characterized as having hair that varies from black to grey or brown. Hair covers their entire body except for their face, upper chest, and the soles of their hands and feet. Adult males are "silverbacks." All males acquire silver hair on their back and upper thighs when they reach sexual maturity. Adult females usually weigh between 150 to 300 pounds, while adult males weigh 350 to 600 pounds (Animal Fact Sheets).
Western lowland gorillas live in structured family groups. A group consists of one silverback male, several unrelated females, ranging from juvenile to adult, and infants. The silverback is in charge of the group. He regulates their schedule. The silverback keeps the peace within the group and stops occasional disputes between females (Columbus Zoo and Aquarium).
Gorillas are most active during the day. They spend a considerable amount of time searching for food and eating. They are terrestrial creatures. Adult gorillas tend to be too heavy to be brachiate and be arboreal. Western lowland gorillas can be bipedal for short distances, but generally get around by

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