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April 21, 2004 The West Wing
April 21st's episode of West Wing had many different topics and stories playing side by side simultaneously.Of the many running stories, there were three that played the largest role and had the most significance in the show.All three of the major stories ran simultaneously so there is no particular order in which I will summarize them.
Thefirst issue in The West Wing was the issue of the FCC regarding large corporations monopolizing the media by buying large chunks of air time, thus having the power to sway people's decisions on important events like elections and so forth.The main character who was investigating the matter found out that the years before it was illegal for large companies to buy a majority of air time, and now, for this year they have made it so that no single company can have share larger than 39.7%.This number is relevant because the year before a large company had had that exact number and the FCC accommodated for that company so they do not fall into trouble; thus there is some kind of corruption in the FCC regarding the media and monopolies.At the end of the show it looked like the main advocate of the show who was after the truth of the FCC media scandal was going to call a white house press meeting to address the issue.
The next important issue in The West Wing is the issue with outsourcing American jobs to India.The character who was the lead in this plot was not too comfortable with the contract that was going to be made even though he was in charge of getting it set up.When a group of the characters are in a room discussing this issue they all say simultaneously say "Free trade creates better paying jobs."This quote is relevant in that there idea of how the economy should work is that in the long run, it will be better if America outsources middle-class jobs, computer programming in particular, because we get the information we n…

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