Public assistance, also known as welfare, is not free money. Public assistance benefits many people who have a low income or no means of income at all.The benefits available are based on the level of income for different sized families and in different states.Welfare is also not to be provided in a biased manner to anyone who applies for it. Welfare in the United States Federal and State Governments serve the financially challenged through about 60 public assistance programs. Most look to receive help through one of the three major programs. These programs are the healthcare programs Medicaid and Medicare, Aid to Families with Dependant Children (AFDC), or the food stamps program.These are all the advantages to public assistance.Even though the welfare system provides money, medical care, food, housing, or other things for most people in need, it puts a dent in the U.S.'s economy.There are too many single jobless parents, elderly, disabled, and others who are in need the public assistance who either never get it or are dependent on it. Yet, there are still many problems in supplying all this to the needy, which is a concern many have. This paper will discuss the programs individually explaining how good causes can lead to a dent in the economy.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service oversee medical care given to the needy and the elderly through Medicare insurance or the basic services provided by Medicaid. They both have been around since the late 1960's and have grown with time and in 1977 Medicare was taken over by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) (World Almanac).Funds vary from state to state. Medicare insures anyone over the age of sixty-five and those possessing certain disabling conditions. Medicaid finishes up the rest and is pertained more toward the needy, and places where services are carried out in the form of health care. In some situations, people who may be able to…

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