Weight Loss Diets

Rapid weight loss diets should not be encouraged among the obese population because it is very hazardous to their health. Society these days place pressures on overweight people to lose their weight fast or they will die of obesity. An article by a congressional sub committee for the diet industry says, " All evidence says that losing large amounts of weight very fast does more harm than good." Thefirst reason that I am opposed is I gained 80 pounds with myfirst child and lost all my weight within 3 months. I had numerous health problems because of the liquid weight loss diet that I was on. I had everything from Kidney infection to shingles due to my unhealthy way of losing weight. Bonnie Bloodgett agrees with saying Rapid weight loss may accelerate formation of gallstones. 179 people are currently suing a major diet company because of gallstone complications while pursing the company's diet. The company denies responsibility. Society and the healthcare providers need to do a better job of promoting better ways of living. I admit we have come along way, but an article out of health and medical issue states "The best way to lose weight is through increased exercise, moderate reduction of calories and a life long change in eating habits." Instead of the diet industry promoting all their diets, they need to make sure what they are doing is best for the consumer and not for their pockets. In addition, the Diet Company knows that when you come off their liquid diets you will gain back. Another article out of medical health issues says "Up to 90 percent of dieters who lose more than 25 pounds gain it all back within 2 years. I personally do not understand why you would waste your time on something that will not last and not focus more on long term goals of healthy weight loss. The consumers need to wake up and realize the diet industry is out for the money and they know your going to keep gaining the weight …

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