I woke the next day to a battle field drenched with blood, half the blood of my friends, and half the blood of my enemies, but all the blood of my brothers.
People have always struggled to advance, to improve, end hunger, to satisfy need, and to obtain glory. Usually the struggle starts within us and grows until it envelops all around us. First we begin to experience the world, then we grow to know our limits and borders within it, and finally we fight to exceed those limits. Usually exceeding those limits means the capture of land and resources of a weaker people. This is not usually a peaceful acquisition. People will not only fight to secure resources they will also fight to protect them. The wanting to improve and maintain are instincts shared by both man and beast. A lion will not give up its territory without a fight, it will claw and bite viscously to protect its way of life, it will fight just as hard to secure better territory for its family. These primitive and animalistic instincts combine when they are suppressed, they boil like oil and water, one always opposing the other; when there is struggle to obtain there will always be struggle to keep.
War has been a major influence in the shaping of the present world and the way it is spent. The price of maintaining an army is expensive.The United States, for example, spends billions of dollars each year on forms of defense. Even more costly is the price of rebuilding a country after it has been devastated by war, the loss of property can measure in trillions.
Money is not the only cost of war, it also takes lives. Millions have died in war. It is said that enough blood has been shed in war to cover the planet three times.
What will is so strong, what desire so overwhelming that I will grip the neck of my neighbor until it stands lifeless in my hands, that I will send hot, burning lead deep into h

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