War with Iraq

War with Iraq
War with Iraq is inevitable. It will, and, should happen because in the past thirteen years there have been many resolutions by the UN Security Council to stop the terror, wars, and human rights violations committed by Iraq.These resolutions are documents developed and written by the United Nations members with the hope that there can be a peaceful resolution to a dispute or war between different countries of the world.The latest of these Resolutions, 1441, was adopted by the UN Security Council on November 8, 2002 (internet 1), with the hope, once again, of stopping Saddam Hussein, and of gaining control of any weapons of mass destruction that may be in the possession of Iraq.Why, after almost 13 years of resolutions, would the UN Security Council believe another resolution will work?
Even today, there are some in the United Nations, who should be some of the best educated and most knowledgeable of each nation, that still think the leopard will change its spots; I would like to be able to see through their eyes.Those who do not want war because they truly believe that Saddam will change is one thing, but, there are those who do not want war because they have an economic interest in Iraq.One such country is Russia which has a contract with Saddam to drill oil fields (internet 2). This is a major conflict of interest and should disqualify that country from having a vote or veto power because they are being influenced by the fact of economics and not the issue of Saddam and the weapons that he controls.
Any attempts to bring a halt to the production and storage of weapons of mass destruction or human rights violations have, until this point in time, been pointedly ignored by Saddam Hussein.I have been able to find without much effort fifty five resolutions (internet 3) dealing with Iraq that Saddam has violated.Since most resolutions, other than sanctions, are for the most part, contracts between diffe…

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