War on Terror

I think that United States shouldn’t attack Iraq. That will mean having Occident against Orient, Christians against Muslims. No one in Europe wants another war. No one except from Britain. They would support United States even if this meant dooming thousands people to die.
I guess that all the Americans here won’t agree with what I am saying (and I also hope this won’t lead my boyfriend and I to fight). What I know for sure is that another war will lead millions of innocents to die. Just like when United States decided to attack Afghanistan, hoping to kill Bin Laden. Atfirst, I thought it was the right thing to do. But then how many children, women and innocents died? And, Bin Laden is alive as well as mullah Omar. So all those bombs for what?? For nothing at all!
The same thing will happen in Iraq. Millions of innocents will die under Americans bombs. I don’t know if Nato will support United States this time. I really hope not. I don’t want Europeans soldiers to get killed because of American interests. And most of all, I don’t want Italian soldiers or Europeans in general to commit such a crime. They’d just go there and kill millions of innocents. War is just a legalized crime, you know?
Okay let me get this right. An American Navy Seal falls out of his helicopter in Afghanistan. This fall does not kill him. He falls into a crowd of Taliban soldiers. What do they do? They brutily beat him then kill him.
And dont come again with “War against Terror”. Thats nonsense!
The different intelligence services knew about what would happen at 9/11 long before. they just didn’t take it serious enough (or even accepted the inevitable to use for their own advantages and true targets, which we start to see now?).
Just the months before 9/11 Bush administration was negotiating with Taliban government about a desired pipeline running across Afghanistan from the Caspian Sea area to near India.

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