War on Drugs

Society’s view of drugs has changed base on the sociological imagination of the times. People’s behavior and attitude have adjusted based on the social forces that have evolved around them. This shifting of ideas has been forever apparent in the America and a prime example is the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s. The illegality of alcohol enabled the Mafia to produce liquor and therefore it had considerable control over those who wanted their substance and service. The role that the Mafia played in the 1920’s has transformed into the corner drug dealers and drug cartel of this century. The justification that legalized alcohol under Amendment 21 in 1933 should be just cause to legalize drugs today. With the legalization of drugs deaths related to drugs would decrease and the price would lessen because big businesses could produce drugs at less cost. Thus, reducing crimes that are committed to support drug habits.
Another drug that has played a major role in American society is nicotine. For hundreds of years, cigarettes have been a popular legal drug within the United States. Only through legalization and education has the popularity and the use of cigarettes declined within the past ten years. Physically, the actual consequences of using illicit drugs is much less than of using drugs like alcohol or cigarettes and the consequences will be diminished. Illicit drugs can and will be made safer than they are in the present system.
Economically, the production of drugs in the United States would benefit the financial well being of the American government and people. Taxes should immediately be placed on drugs thus resulting in a significant increase in government income. The more money that government receives is more money that they can put towards the education of how drugs effect the human mind and body. Prohibition breeds disrespect for law enforcement; these agencies that “should” hold the highest respect of the American soci…

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