Violence in Schools

Violence in Schools

A large number of Australian schools have been taking actions to prevent violence in schools. In the last ten years in American schools there has been an increase in school shootings, where students have opened fire on their own classmates. Is Australia headed down the same path and if so what are we doing to prevent these scary incidents from occurring?
In America a range of measures have been taken to stop violence in schools. The action in the fight to prevent shootings in schools has been so large that school budgets in America have used to install metal detectors and hire security staff, instead of textbooks and educational resources.
It was estimated that in the mid nineties over 100,000 students carried guns to school in America alone.There were 55 students killed in 1992 by fellow classmates and the mid nineties the number had risen to an all time high.
Then America started to take action.
Today however around twenty students are killed in American schools each year. So we may ask why do these events still occur, even after large sums of money have been spent to try and stop them? It is more than likely due to America's strong gun movement and high crime levels. In America the laws for having guns are not as rigid and therefore it is extremely easy for youth to get their hands on illegal lethal firearms.
However we are yet to see these kinds of mass school shootings in Australia but whose to say it wont happen. What actions have been taken in Australia and what are we doing to prevent such a tragedy?

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In South Australia and Melbourne a project called CNC (Creating New Choices) has been developed in the effort to stop violence in the education area. It is the pioneer of its kind and supported by Berry Street Child and Family Services. They are one of Victoria’s largest independent, non-government welfare organizations.
The project works with 2-3 schools at one time. It helps by making p…

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