violence in schools

In the past three years there have been over ten national school shootings.Innocent children have been shot and killed by fellow alumni.Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the nation.This has caused many problems among students, families, school faculty, and residents of the communities. Violence in schools has become a big problem in today's society; the pressure for young children to justify their self-worth to other peers is so important, that they often see violence as the answer.
The cause of violence in schools can be blamed on many things. One main cause is drugs and gangs.Now that more young kids are selling and buying drugs, they are making money to buy sophisticated weapons.Studies have shown that most violent conflicts among school-age children can be traced back to long-simmering disputes.Carrying guns and other weapons around schools is becoming more and more popular around the world.People think that carrying guns around schools will make them cool or accepted by other people like themselves.There isn't a safe or reliable way to keep guns away from schools.It has become very easy to obtain a gun.The four most known places to get guns are street corners, friends, drug dealers and thieves.
There are also many ways to sneak guns into school.Two ways are bathroom windows or an unguarded entrance.Are there any schools that have window security guards?
The next cause for school violence deals with the media.People are influenced by what they see and hear on the television and/or radio.For example, popular rap artists such as EMINEM, JAY-Z, and Memphis Bleek produce songs that promote violence.These artists rap about shootings, murders, drugs, and robberies.Here is a lyric by the music artist, Memphis Bleek:"Memphis Bleek is murder, Memphis Bleek is guns, Memphis Bleek is drugs, Memphis Bleek is money for the shots…"This type of music ma

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