Vietnam: Take 2

Vietnam: Take 2

We are on the brink of World War III with good old Uncle'W' leading the way. A black gold owning Texan, the most powerful man in the world, who can't finish complete thoughts at the State of the Union address is going to lead us into the battle against terrorism or is it vengeance (which ever you choose). Because you know we have to "get" the Taliban or Al Qaeda or Iraq or Iran or whatever Muslim extremist faction we are going after this week. Why are we going to war? Is it because of Colin Powell's High-Res Satellite Photos that show Iraqis bulldozing land, which might prove to be the foundation for a hard water facility? Is it because'W' has interest in American Oil and Iraq is limiting the export of its oil? Was that the sound of a cameraman clapping a slate and saying Vietnam: Take 2? I think it was. Business and money comes down to this war. Vietnam was the same; Johnson was a Businessman. Today, who knows who's in on this war scandal.'W' can't be heading this one up on his own. Powell is too busy looking at satellite photos and making all too timely announcements about tapes; Cheney's in therapy trying to get over his Napoleon Syndrome. So who's at the heart of this? The businessmen of America. War always seems to come around in the face of economic trouble. World War I, World War II and The Great Depression, Vietnam and The Cold War, Lebanon and "Reaganomics," Bush Sr. and Iraq, now Junior and Iraq (Like Father Like Son). Unfortunately these businessmen's sons and daughters will be fighting for their parents' wallets, not safety.
According to Tom Raum of the Sarasota Herald Tribune, the economy is in serious trouble and believes that Bush is trying to enter a war the USA could win swiftly and decisively in hopes to kick start the world economy (Raum 1). He also mentions that Bush is losing popularity and this will …

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