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In 11th grade I had the chance to apply for a 3-week-stay in the USA. There is a student exchange program between our high school and the Oak Ridge High School in Conroe Texas. It is a tradition that every year in spring a group of 11th graders visits Texas. I have always been interested in foreign languages and I like travelling to English-speaking countries to use the language and to get to know more about the inhabitants and their way of life. That is why I absolutely wanted to be one of the students to go to Texas that year. But it is always only a few students who get the opportunity to do that. I knew I had good conditions to take part because one of my main subjects was English and my teachers comminded me all the time. And my assumption was right. After a very short time I already got an e-mail from the daughter of my prospective host family.
However the political situation in the U.S. was very complicated at this time. For that reason it was not certain if the exchange program could really take place. It seemed like my host family knew about the doubts my family had to allow me to go on that trip. So they sent a detailled letter to my parents to introduce themselves and to let them know that they could not identify with Bush’s policy and that they would not support the war in Iraq. I was very glad to hear that because I would not have to think about how to react, if there were discussions about political topics. The letter they wrote made my parents feel relieved. My host family made avery positive impression on them. So they know I would be safe. And this was also the beginning of a friendship between our two families. Everyone of us started writing letters and e-mails and calling each other on the phone – me and my host sister (of course), my parents and her parents and even my brother and her sister.
I could not wait to talk to my host family in person and when I got there they exceeded all of my expectations. They gave m…

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