US Immigration Should Not Be Curbed

U.S Immigration Should Not Be Curbed
The argument over whether or not immigration should be restricted, is fought out by Daniel James and Stephen Moore.James essentially believes that jobs are being taken away from American workers, immigrants are causing an increase of population (and subsequent pollution of the environment), and breaking up American culture.Moore, on the other hand, insists that immigrants are vital to the success of the country as a whole and without them, we would not be the country that we are.He believes that immigrants have created, not destroyed, jobs and have enhanced the economy and the culture.The arguments are presented well by both sides, however, Stephen Moore is the better voice for my opinion; Immigration to the United Stated should not be restricted.
James fears that current laws on immigration will eventually lead to unprecedented numbers and unforeseen problems.He sights several problems, one of which is overcrowding.Projections indicate that between 45 and 54 million people will enter the U.S. in a little over a generation and this number would increase if Communism falls in Cuba.This overcrowding, he feels, would lead to another problem: pollution.In California, for example, the population has swelled from 23.7 million to more than 31 million since 1980.This boom has led to the contamination of waterways in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange counties were once pristine bays are now "hopelessly polluted".
Another worry of James' is the cost to taxpayers. Projections show that from 1993 to 2002, immigration may cost citizens $668.5 billion, driving the national debt up. In a study conducted by economist Donald Huddle, it was found that the cost of immigration was $42.5 billion (even after subtracting $20.2 billion of taxpayer money).The cost of incarceration of immigrants also swells this figure.In 1992 alone, the cost of the imprisonment of immigrants …

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